Authentic Mexican dance music – Feb 19, 1999

EXCUSE TO DISTURB YOU THIS IMPROVEMENT ROAD FOR YOUR COMFORT. Yes indeed. On the bus heading south out of Cancun to Chetumal in Quintana Roo. A light just above the driver’s head warned us every time he was speeding, which was essentially all the time, unless there was a traffic light or jam. Continue reading Authentic Mexican dance music – Feb 19, 1999

Paranoia in Nashville

Got an Uber from the university back to Nashville International Airport. Brandee was driving. 50ish good ol’ girl, brown hair, friendly attitude. I think there is something to the notion of southern hospitality – everyone in service, at least, seems truly friendly in a way that isn’t the case in most of the cultures I’ve spent time in. So it was easy to move directly into a conversation. Continue reading Paranoia in Nashville

Drankin in Nashville

There are times when having a few drinks more than are strictly necessary is necessary. Inhibitions loosened, honest conversation flows like the liquor, friendships are made or strengthened, apparently insurmountable obstacles are seen as the illusions they truly are. This is not a story about one of those times. Continue reading Drankin in Nashville

Stupid things I have done on wheels – 1980s-2017

The early years

I grew up in rural Western Quebec, in an 19th-Century wooden farmhouse on top of a large hill. Below us to the East were nothing but cows, a gently rotting barn at the bottom of the hill, a sand quarry, and a provincial park across the highway; to the West were the outskirts of a village of less than a thousand people. Continue reading Stupid things I have done on wheels – 1980s-2017